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Meet Jay

Meet Jay's Family

Jay is a bio-organic chemist with a PhD (Bern, Switzerland), Jay’s teaching & research legacy spans Asian, European, USA & Canadian universities.


His brainchild, Metro-Van Tutoring and Consulting, has catapulted students to local & national acclaim.


Values drive him: Fiscal responsibility? Affordable healthcare? Public safety? Environmental protection? You bet. Jay’s passion fuels his commitment to Burnaby communities.


A valiant Conservative, he

champions youth advocacy, education, public health, and essential

policy reforms. 

Ready to lead

Burnaby North-Seymour

toward a prosperous future.

Jay is happily married to Sandra, a data analyst works in North Vancouver. Both their sons attended Burnaby North Secondary School: the elder- Kasun earned an engineering degree from UBC, while the younger- Kavin is currently studying digital arts and working.


When Jay isn’t busy he enjoys fishing, golfing, swimming, and staying fit at Burnaby’s city facilities.

As a Block Watch co-captain and a youth advocate he engages in police committees, and environmental initiatives, Jay and his family are actively shaping a vibrant Burnaby North-Seymour community.

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Meet Jay's Team

 Dynamic, Diverse, and Multitalented
Each member brings a unique set of skills and perspectives, making us stronger together.

Their hard work and commitment drive our success, and

Jay is grateful for their unwavering support

Dr. Herath "Advocating Change"

- Economic Recovery and Job Creation: The Liberal & NDP ruling has significantly impacted local businesses and employment. Supporting economic recovery and creating job opportunities are top priorities. Encouraging investment, fostering innovation, and diversifying industries will contribute to sustainable growth and prosperity.


- Community Safety and Crime Prevention: Residents deserve safe neighborhoods. Addressing crime rates, enhancing community policing, and supporting local law enforcement are important for community well-being. Initiatives to prevent property crime and improve safety will help maintain the quality of life in our riding.

- Healthcare Access and Services: Ensuring accessible healthcare services, including ER, hospitals, clinics, and mental health support, is critical. Ongoing advocacy for healthcare funding and infrastructure improvements is necessary to meet the community’s needs.

- Climate and Environmental Protection: Burnaby North - Seymour boasts beautiful natural landscapes, parks, waterways, and wildlife. Protecting these are our top priorities. Residents are passionate about sustainable development, reducing emissions, and preserving our green spaces for future generations.

- Traffic Congestion and Infrastructure: Our riding experiences severe traffic congestion due to its proximity to Vancouver and a growing population. Improving public transportation, enhancing road infrastructure, and addressing traffic bottlenecks are essential to ease this congestion and improve daily commutes.


-Housing Affordability: Like many urban areas, Burnaby North - Seymour faces significant challenges related to housing affordability. The high cost of both owning and renting homes is a pressing issue for many residents. Implementing policies for affordable housing, and increasing housing supply are crucial steps to address this concern.

- Education and Schools: Quality education is vital for families in our riding. We need to advocate for well-funded schools, adequate resources, and strong teacher support. Addressing over-crowding and ensuring safe, conducive learning environments are key concerns for children, parents and educators alike.

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